Monday, 7 November 2016

same thing happened to me few years ago

Assalamualaikum hi. Here we are again my personal Diary.

Few years ago (which is almost 4 years), I was in a worst year of mine. Breaking up with my bf (ex by now) was the saddest I have ever felt in my life. Even though the relationship was last for only 4 month tp perasaan sedih tu, I can't express in word. sakitnya tu sampai I got sick. I can't sleep, I didn't eat well, cried all day all night, I even can't stand properly. There was one night, when I was about to get up and switch on the light, suddenly I fell down. Jatuh mcm orang yang kaki tak boleh guna, lebih kurang mcm nangka busuk. Hahaha but at that time I was so sad, bila jatuh tu terus continue nangis. I felt so stupid and useless. Rasa mcm why on earth aku jadi mcm ni. It was only a stupid relationship.

Back to reality. What I wanna says is, thing that happened to me few years ago, happen again today when I suddenly fell from the bed while trying to switch off the fan (bukan jatuh dari katil tau, ni yg dah berdiri sekali kaki tak support dan terus collapse). And I was like, SERIOUSLY??? the same thing?? same pain?? BUT DIFFERENT PERSON DIFFERENT FEELING. damn girl....

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